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The Adventures of Young Alexander the Great. (2010)

Young Alexander, freely inspired by the life of Young Alexander the Great, is set in the third century B.C. when Alexander is seventeen years old. At this time, Macedonia is already emerging as the region's dominant power, as King Philip's armies challenge the old alliance of the established Greek city-states.

Alexander is at school, where he lives and studies with other boys, the sons of Macedonian noblemen. Their tutor is the legendary philosopher, Aristotle. The atmosphere is friendly but competitive, however, Alexander experiences all the problems a modern teenager has today, be it bullies and cheats at school, or winning the affections of beautiful girls.

Alexander's first "battle" is to try to win the respect of his Father, and to become the Regent whenever the King goes off to war. He leads a small, young team against ruthless, cunning mercanaries who threaten his Father's life. Lives will be lost on both sides; valuable lessons of the heart and mind learned; and the stage will be set for dramatic world history to come.

Original Music by Basil Moore-Asfouri.

For a full list of credits: Young Alexander IMDB Page

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